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The research team comprises of experienced physical acousticians and marine biologists.

Based in University College Cork and employing over 40 staff, the Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC), is a research centre with over 15 years of experience in undertaking coastal and marine research. Research in the CMRC is undertaken by staff with a range of specialist backgrounds including biologists, computer scientists, hydrographers, geographers and engineers, all of whom work collaboratively in a project-orientated environment. Members of the CMRC team have been involved in research on marine biota in Irish waters for over 15 years, including plankton, fish, turtles, sunfish, sharks, seabirds and marine mammals. Much of this work has focused on the impacts of anthropogenic activities on the distribution, abundance, behaviour, foraging ecology and habitat use of key marine species.

Quiet-Oceans is a French organization based in Brest, Brittany, France. Quiet-Oceans was founded in 2010 by Dr. Thomas Folegot and associates, based on an extensive international professional experience in the field of underwater acoustics and oceanography. Quiet-Oceans mission is to provide environmental NGO industry and governments with global, independent and reliable ocean noise pollution levels through the development of innovative technology. Quiet-Oceans’ services ensure the best compromise between maritime business development and biodiversity conservation, especially the protection of endangered marine species from noise pollution. Regularly consulted by governments from various countries, Quiet-Oceans is also involved in EU-FP7 evaluations, and the noise regulation in particular by participating with the European technical sub workgroup on underwater noise and inputs of other forms of energy (TSG Noise). Quiet-Oceans offers services through statistics and real-time monitoring to maritime stakeholders through the R&D of Quonops©, an operational ocean noise prediction system, and targeted research projects to improve knowledge and methodologies. The French Hydrographic and Oceanographic Institute (SHOM), Thales Underwater Systems, DCNS, ECA, La Companie du Vent, and Nass&Wind are among the clients/collaborators of Quiet-Oceans.